10 Useful ways to Reuse Glass Mason Jars

Not sure what to do with your jar now that you’re finished enjoying one of our delightful candles, or wax crumbles?

Well there’s no need to throw it away when it’s empty, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can reuse yours!

We hope you enjoy these great ways to reuse your glass jars, if you try them, give us a shout and tag us on social with a photo! We’d love to see your creations!
And stay tuned as we come up with more great ways to reuse them!

1. Emergency Candle

We love to pour our leftover wax into an empty jar and reuse it as an emergency candle! Just use some string, or a fresh wick.

The hemp string tied around the snap bars would work great for a wick!

Reuse jars to make emergency candles

2. Propagating plants!

I bet you could use some more plants, well good thing you just got a new candle!

Reuse mason jars to propagate house plants!

3. Mason Jar Terrarium

Learn how to create a tabletop terrarium with these simple instructions

4. DIY Hanging vases

Create a simple farm inspired window treatment with Mason Jars and twine. Then fill the jars with fresh flowers!

5. Pencil Holder

Create a lovely diy Pencil holder!

6. String Lights

Add some extra comfort, and atmosphere to your back porch with a unique set of string lights.

7. Cupcake liner storage

Have a ton of leftover cupcake liners lying around? Mason jars are the perfect size to organize them!

8. DIY Powedered Sugar Shaker

Great for powdered sugar, cinnamon, or even salt. Just carefully put some holes in the lid, fill the jar, and you’ve got a new shaker!

9. Snow globes

Create some cute and unique snow globes for the holidays.
Get the tutorial here

10. Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece

These cute fall decorations will create a warm glow and amazing aromas in your home.

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