About Benevy Farms

We founded Benevy Farms in 2019, with a great mission to help combat food insecurity, and help rebuild biodiversity. We saw how the local community was unable to easily access, or afford Healthy, or Organic food options, as well as how the biodiversity and the pollinator population have been rapidly declining.
Our farm is located on just a half acre, and you might think that's small, but you'd be shocked with how much you can actually grow in a small space!

We grow a wide assortment of delicious, and beautiful plants, to help you be healthy, your garden beautiful, and your home as well. From perennials, pollinators, and fruit plants for a beautiful garden... Fresh chemical-free produce for your health... To amazing house plants, and plastic-free soy candles and wax melts to beautify your home.

To help ensure that the food we grow is the healthiest and cleanest it can be, all while rebuilding the soils health and biodiversity, we've chosen some farming techniques that ensure we always give back more to the Earth than we take. We're a Chemical-Free, No-Till Sustainable Farm with Regenerative farming methods. This means no tractors, no pesticides, no herbicides, and no synthetic fertilizers, because those all harm the earth.
We use our own manual labor efficiently, and effectively in order to grow beautiful plants.. While we've also made nature our best friend for the parts we can't do, like using Lady bugs and Preying Mantis's for pest control.


Jenni, Family Co-Owner (she/they)

Jenni has been gardening since childhood, and continuously experimenting with new methods. They have experience with a multitude of gardening methods, including no-till, hydroponics, aquaponics, and more. With such passion for the Earth, it was only natural that their career is working with nature.
Not a day of work happens for Jenni though, as it is a joy to be tending the plants. They love nature and photography as well, and have captured the many nature exploration photos you see across our website and socials.


   Erin, Family Co-Owner (she/her)
Growing up on a farm, and now being back on a small urban farm.. It's like she never left. She takes all the experience she learned from living on and next to multiple farms, and brings it to our Urban Farm.
She was previously the lead wax creator and designer for 4 years at a larger wax and candle company that used to be in Kansas City, and now creates and designs all of our wax products.

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