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Our Story at Benevy Farms

Established in 2019, Benevy Farms was born out of a profound mission: to combat food insecurity and contribute to the restoration of biodiversity. Witnessing the challenges faced by our local community in accessing affordable and healthy food options, coupled with the alarming decline in biodiversity and pollinator populations, fueled our commitment to make a positive impact.

Situated on just half an acre, our farm may seem small, but the abundance it yields might surprise you. We recognized the need for accessible, organic produce and aimed to redefine the possibilities of what can be achieved in a limited space.

At Benevy Farms, we cultivate a diverse array of delicious and visually stunning plants with your well-being, garden aesthetics, and home in mind. From perennials, pollinators, and fruit plants for a vibrant garden to fresh, chemical-free produce promoting health, and unique house plants, plastic-free soy candles, and wax melts to enhance your living spaces.

To ensure the health and purity of the food we grow, as well as the restoration of soil health and biodiversity, we employ farming techniques that give back more to the Earth than we take. We proudly embrace a Chemical-Free, No-Till Sustainable Farming approach with regenerative methods. This means no tractors, no pesticides, no herbicides, and no synthetic fertilizers, all of which can harm the Earth.

Our commitment extends to efficient and effective manual labor for plant cultivation, supplemented by nature itself. We've enlisted the help of beneficial insects like Ladybugs and Praying Mantises for pest control, creating a harmonious ecosystem that aligns with our dedication to sustainable and regenerative practices.

Benevy Farms is not just a farm; it's a pledge to nurture health, beauty, and sustainability for our community and our planet. Join us on this journey towards a greener, healthier future.


Jenni, Family Co-Owner

Jenni's love for gardening has roots reaching back to childhood, where an innate curiosity led to continual experimentation with various methods. Their expertise spans a spectrum of gardening techniques, from no-till and hydroponics to aquaponics and beyond. Driven by a profound passion for the Earth, it was only natural for Jenni to carve a career path working harmoniously with nature.

For Jenni, every day spent tending to plants isn't just work—it's a source of pure joy. This joy stems from a deep love for nature, complemented by an affinity for photography. The captivating nature exploration photos featured across our website and social media are a testament to Jenni's dual passions.


Raised on a farm and now back on a small urban farm, it feels as if she never left her roots. Drawing from the wealth of experience gained from living on and alongside multiple farms, she seamlessly integrates this knowledge into our Urban Farm.

With a background as the lead wax creator and designer for four years at a prominent wax and candle company formerly based in Kansas City, she now spearheads the creation and design of all our wax products.

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