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Combatting Waste, and Reducing Emissions.

Zero Waste Goal

At Benevy Farms, one of our goals is Zero Waste. This means we don’t put anything into the landfills ourselves, and anything that we do use can either be reused, repurposed, or is something we ourselves can recycle.

Come bring your accepted recycling to us so we can help eliminate some of your waste as well!

Bringing your accepted recycling materials to us instead of putting them on the curb lowers carbon emissions. Less transportation means less fuel used. and Recycling ourselves means we have a complete say in how these materials are recycled. We’re also working on a process to recycle used plastic nursery pots and other types of plastics. So yes, we want your broken pots too!


Accepted Recycling

Non-Glossy Cardboard Boxes

Plastic Nursery Pots (Intact, and Broken)

Food Waste (No meat, dairy or oil products)

Yard Waste (No poisonous materials)


Not Accepted Materials

Shiny/Glossy/Printed Cardboard. Any cardboard that is heavily printed on. The inks are bad for the earth.


We don’t accept anything that has not been explicitly stated as being accepted.

Example of printed cardboard (below) that we don’t accept.

See how the inside of the box is still brown? The Inside is unprinted.

The outside is very heavily printed on. These inks are terrible for the earth, and unfortunately we cannot reuse them.

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Recycling Drop Off

We’re open Monday thru Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Come by our main address anytime we’re open.

Go all the way up the driveway and park, and someone will be with you shortly.

We also have a Take a Pot/Leave a Pot Bin that you can place any Intact Pot into.

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