Monstera Adansonii (Swiss Cheese Plant)


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Monstera Adansonii, aka Swiss Cheese Vine,

A easy to grow houseplant for beginners

These are well rooted, available in 4in pots.

  • Care Info
  • Light:  Low to Bright, Indirect
  • Water: Water when top 1 or 2″ of soil is dry, water all the way through.
  • Temps: 60-80 degrees
  • Humidity: Does well in average humidity, would benefit from mistings. .
  • Pet Friendly?: No, moderately toxic to humans and pets.

Soil medium is primarily coco coir, with vermiculite, perlite, and fine compost.

You may receive any of the plants pictured, or another similar plant in a 4in pot.

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