Mother of Millions (Kalanchoe Delagoensis)


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Mother of Millions, Kalanchoe Delagoensis, Chandelier Plant, Devil’s Backbone

A red variegated version of Mother of Thousands with narrower leaves.

This succulent house plant is unique in the way that it propagates. Almost weed like, it produces babies on its leaves, which easily fall and grow a new kalanchoe.

These are well rooted, available in 4in pots.

    • Care Info
  • Soil: Well draining cactus mix
  • Light: Light Shade or Bright Indirect
  • Water: Water when top 2″ of soil is dry, water all the way through.
  • Temps: Keep temps above 50
  • Watering: Water once or twice a month
  • Pet Friendly?: No, toxic to pets.

You may receive any of the plants pictured, or another similar plant in a 4in pot.

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