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Lets build a better planet today, So we still have one tomorrow.

Help support our efforts today.

Help us make a difference.

All donations to Benevy Farms will be used in some way to help feed the local community. Wether that means expanding our ability to feed those in need and those unable to afford.. Sponsoring and building community gardens, Gardening classes, Sustainable living classes, we have so many ways we can help the community.

Our current donation goals:

We’re currently working hard at expanding our farm into the space we currently have, in order to do that fully to our plans… We still need to amend a quarter acre of soil with compost, and build a greenhouse. This will enable us to feed hundreds more people, including during winter, when growing outside isn’t a possibility.

We’re also working on setting up community gardens on vacant lots, and setting up a teaching program.

4 Season Greenhouse: ($9,000)

This enables us to grow warm season vegetables during winter so we can continue feeding those in need.


Farm Expansion & Volunteer Help: ($2000)

This is for the cost of tools, compost, and food for our volunteers to finish the last part of our farm expansion.


Community Gardens: ($1000)

We need ~$1000 to build raised beds, get soil, compost and other amendments, supply tools, and plants for our first sponsored community garden.


Teaching Programs: ($1000)

We’re working on a budget and plan for our teaching programs. The main cost of this would be for paying the instructors for their time, travel, and food costs.


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