Plant Nursery

We specialize in pollinator friendly plants, perennials, and food bearing plants. We also grow some tropical, and desert plants as well. We're currently expanding and building a bigger greenhouse to be ready for 2022.

Thank you for a great 2021!

Urban Farm

At our Urban Farm, we work hard to help combat Food Insecurity, by building Community and Teaching others to Garden and Live Sustainably and Self-Sufficiently. Together and with hard work we can empower our community, and ensure they can always meet their needs.

Our urban farm uses Sustainable, No-Till Regenerative practices to ensure maintain a healthy soil. Because soil is the source of all our food, soil health is key, because healthy soil means healthy food. Healthy food that is rich in nutrients, tastes delicious, and is pesticide and herbicide free. No nasty chemicals getting on your food, or hurting the soil. Our no-till practice keeps the biodiversity alive in the soil, which is essential for nutrient creation and uptake in the soil and plants. We only use compost, and other organic forms of fertilizer to feed our plants. And since we don't use pesticides or herbicides, we use our own labor combined with that of the native wildlife, to combat the weeds and pests. We put your health, and the earths health above everything else.

Help make an Impact, and Give back to the Earth.

Rebuilding Biodiversity

Plus! With every purchase made from us, we donate a Live Pollinator Plant, or a Live Fruit Tree to the local community, to help rebuild our native pollinators and wildlife... So you're literally helping rebuild biodiversity and heal native habitats.
We thank you, the Earth thanks you, and you can thank yourself.

Chemical Free

Our farm and nursery are both herbicide and pesticide free, instead relying on our own physical labor, and local wildlife to assist us in managing pests and weeds. This means healthy, chemical free food, and plants, without damaging our local eco-system, and you're helping heal native eco-systems.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Products

You can shop with confidence, knowing we provide a truely Eco-Friendly shopping experience, cutting down on your carbon footprint, waste, and harm to the earth. We do the utmost to ensure everything we do, from our farm to our packaging, are as respectful to the Earth as possible. We use compostable packing materials, and plastic-free reusable containers for our products.

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